Casio G-shock Analog Digital 200m Mens Watch Chunky And Funky Look

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The biggest plus point about the Casio G-Shock Analog Digital 200M GA-500P-3A Men's Watch is it doesn't set you back a pretty penny! Initially, it was a JDM product with a proven track record of tremendous success among both amateurs and professionals. It was a great success, for those who were hunting for the perfect, entry-level ana/digi sports watch found Heaven in the GA-500P! They looked no further.

Calling the Casio G-Shock Analog Digital Men's Watch a fantastic job done by Casio would be an understatement. Rather, it will be more appropriate to consider it a substantial growth factor to the brand's visionary, engineering and design skills; also to that of its thought paradigm. But at the same time, the Casio G-Shock Men's Watch stays true to the roots that Casio has always been about. But let go of the praises: Just embrace digital and quartz analog accuracy sandwiched between an array of awesome features and tough, menacing looks.

The Casio G-Shock Analog Digital Watch carries a theme of urban sports. This particular motif results from designs using a single bold color that stays prevalent throughout the watch and resembles the color scheme of other high-end sports products; say, jackets and sneakers. The contrast stays at the juncture of the band and the case; at 12 and 6. The large numbers of holes or perforations punched in the band reminds you that of the mesh of sportswear. It's a fashionable look; also a practical one. It keeps the flow of air to the skin intact. It also helps in cooling.

The Casio G-Shock Analog Digital Watch is a slight variation on the base model GA-500. Its round shape and wide face; its multi-dimensional hands - they are created using a new molding process. The large button at 6 is the front-facing stopwatch button given a Punching Pattern treatment. It brings a distinctive look and makes the single-press stopwatch work both on Timekeeping and Target-Time modes. These two are great support for intense, athletic activities.

The Casio G-Shock Men's Watch debuted in August, 2016 as one of the most impressive ana/digi hybrids that are also visually stunning. It has the looks of a wheel and 3D index. The analog hands and the LCD display (inset dial) are operated with the four side buttons, their slanted, streamlined shape a great aid towards the prevention of wrist bites.

The Casio G-Shock Men's Watch is both a chunky and funky watch, more than a regular Casio Watches.

Likely to capture the attention most from those looking to upgrade from the comforts of the banquet halls to the wild corridors of life!

Bottom line: The Casio G-Shock Men's Watch is for enthusiasts, for athletes, even collectors. But you don't need to be any to own one; the urge for sporting a rugged, damn-near-indestructible watch is enough. is New Zealand's premier online store for Wrist Watches.
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