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-text c-gray-1" >If you are playing Fallen Earth and you are not in a clan, you are doing it wrong. The importance of clan membership cannot be overstated. There are simply too many benefits to not find one that suits you. There is safety in numbers if you are a PvPer. It's nice to team up on that nasty boss with your PvE buddies. And roleplaying by yourself isn't roleplaying at all; it's just being weird. We need to interact with other people to get the most out of an MMO game. Hence: clans.

Finding a clan to join is easy. Finding the best clan for you is a bit more complicated. In order to make it a little bit easier for you to choose the clan that's best for you, I have compiled a list of Fallen Earth clans for you to check out. I've supplied their requirements, playstyle focus, and website when available -- some clans are more secretive than others (or maybe less formal). So click past the cut and start your search for your new BFFs.

BoS -- An omni crafting and social clan, BoS was one of the first clans in ever created in Fallen Earth, back during alpha testing, and it's still around today. It actually has a monument in Embry dedicated to it. No other clan can claim that.

Browncoats -- A small Traveler clan that can typically found fighting alongside Saints and KAOS in Haietta and Park City. It isn't a large clan, but it makes up for its small size in loyalty and fortitude.

Covert Operations -- These guys make up one of the newest PvP clans. So far we've only seen two of them, but if they catch you off guard, you'll be visiting the cloner in seconds. They are a sort of Lightbearer ninja-strikeforce.

CSF -- An acronym meaning CzechoSlovak Freelancers. These guys bring the fight to Haietta and Park City. They don't care about winning or losing; they just want to fight, and fight they do. CSF is an an omni-clan, but it is mostly Tech and Enforcer and usually fights under those flags.

Drifters -- These guys are for those who want to avoid any clan-related obligations. It is a self-described "no pressure, gestyy.com no drama" clan and accepts all playstyles and factions. Clan members typically help one another out, but participation is completely voluntary in group activities.

Equalizers -- A small Enforcer group that was active in PvP, but I don't see its members too often anymore. It's a casual clan without too many "crazy rules," which is odd for a bunch of Enforcers, but hey, to each his own.

ETSU -- Elite Tactical Sniper Unit. Although the clan is merely a shadow of its former self, it is the largest Enforcer PvP force in endgame PvP and is currently rebuilding. Members still show up to fight here and there but are currently lacking numbers. Best of luck to them in their recruiting. If you are an Enforcer interested in PvPing, ETSU should be your first stop.

Exile -- Once a very powerful clan. When FoE (without a doubt the most dominant clan in the first few months of FE) left, Exile was formed by those who chose to stay behind. Exile, with the help of Wolves of War, held Office Park when it was the only way to gain faction reputation quickly. Despite daily attacks by SSA (Saints and Suspicious Cheese), OP was held for several weeks. Exile's numbers dwindled and it became a Tech clan, which it still is today. It is no longer a PvP-focused clan and is now both PvP and PvE.

Fall of the Legends -- An Enforcer RP/PvP clan that maintains law and order in usually in and around New Flagstaff. The "Badgers" also host Rowdy's Bunker of Blues when they're not writing tickets or fighting with drunken CHOTA.

Feral -- Feral is a new Vista clan that is making an impression in the PvP sphere. It is a small clan, but its members can be found fighting more often than most of the larger clans, and its numbers have remained steady.

French Connection -- A French clan that is omni but fields mostly Enforcers and usually allies with that side of the wheel. It can typically be found supporting any assault upon PC or Haietta. If you play Fallen Earth and prefer to speak French, you might want to look these guys up.

Legends of the Fall -- Another omni crafting social clan. This is the Fall's non-militant logistical wing. Members do not PvP as a clan because of the factional diversity.

Hope Springs -- Hope Springs is a roleplaying group of individuals concerned with the rebuilding of society rather than marauding and running amok. It is an alternative to the biker and mercenary roleplayer groups. Hope Springs has no faction restrictions, provided you can get along with others despite your factional beliefs.

Invicta -- Invicta is a mainly CHOTA/Traveler biker roleplaying group. Its members hold a rally at Beauville's Tavern in New Flagstaff every Thursday night. If you're into RPing and motorcycles, look them up.

KAOS -- A PvP-only CHOTA clan and master of Park City. I may be a bit bit biased here, but it's quite possibly the best damned clan that Fallen Earth has ever seen.

Outlanders -- Outlanders are a Tech-centered triad that is recruiting Enforcers, Techs and Travelers and caters to all playstyles.

RED ALERT -- You guessed it: a Russian Clan. It is accepting every faction and seems to be heavy with Techs, but members have one thing in common: language. They usually fight on the Enforcer side of the wheel.

Saints -- The premier Traveler clan; defenders of Haietta. It is a full PvP clan whose members are typically always flagged. It has gone from a small Traveler group to one of the most feared clans in Fallen Earth.

T.A.O. -- The Awakened Order is a Lightbearer-only clan. It is currently recruiting and supports all playstyles. It was once the predominant Lightbearer clan and is still probably the largest. T.A.O. can field a considerable force on behalf of the LBs in PvP coupled with Covert Operations.

TEC -- An acronym standing for Technology Enlightenment Coalition. Founded by Dr. Timothy Hoffman (now MIA), TEC is a Tech-centered triad. It is recruiting and caters to all playstyles.

Tribal Blood -- A CHOTA-only clan that covers the full range of playstyles from PvP to RP. It is currently recruiting and can typically be found in Park City defending alongside KAOS.

Valhalla Sector -- Another small Traveler clan that supports Saints and KAOS.

Wolves of War -- Originally a Vista-only clan and then later an omni clan, Wolves of War is now a Vista-centric triad. It was a driving force in PvP, but its numbers have diminished to a few die-hard players who throw themselves into combat every day. We expect to see them back when Sector 4 arrives, but no promises have been made. The Wolves of War is still recruiting Vista, Lightbearers and CHOTA and is a PvE/PvP clan.

1st Canyon Army -- A clan that once had the blind-invite mass-recruiting stigma. It has now reformed and recruits selectively. It has also gone from an omni-clan to an Enforcer clan.

10th Mountain Division -- I couldn't find too much on this group, but it is an Enforcer-only clan. I've fought with its members enough to know they have strong numbers. I haven't seen much of its members lately, but that doesn't mean they're not out there.

That sums up the major clans in Fallen Earth. I might have forgotten one or two, but I did not mean to step on any toes. If you can't find a clan that would be a good fit, you can always start your own. Ten blue chips and nine other clones and it's official. Also, there are many other small, new clans that I haven't mentioned that you can join. One such clan is The Colony, which is a mentor clan. It specifically targets new players and will guide them through the early parts of the game. So get out there and find a group of like-minded wastelanders to team up with. The wasteland is a treacherous place and shouldn't be traveled alone. See you next week, hopefully in one piece.

Ed Marshall has been playing Fallen Earth since beta and leads the KAOS clan. Wasteland Diaries is his weekly column that covers all aspects of Fallen Earth: PvE, RP and PvP. To contact Ed, send an email to edward@massively.com, find him on the official forums as Casey Royer, or hunt him down in the wastelands as Nufan, Original, Death Incarnate, and Knuckles Mcsquee.

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